Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Willdens in Wonderland

Ella decided to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, and Natalie, who had no say in the matter, was her Cheshire Cat. Grandma Kathie made the Alice costume and I put together the Cheshire Cat using a plain white outfit, Rit dye, fabric paint, and some felt. I was particularly pleased with how the ears turned out, and everyone loved the signature Cheshire Cat grin (that was Grandma's idea).

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Autumn, Anyone?

Well, they say it's autumn, anyway. Some leaves are indeed turning, but the bulk of them don't fall off the trees until January or so. Global warming? Naw, it's just South Texas.

The gigantic Methodist church down the street has a pumpkin patch every year, so we stopped by one day and snapped a few pictures.

This is Ella and her pal Rachel. Between the two of them they have all sorts of teeth missing. The day before halloween we had a very modest party, including "Witches Brew". Ella had never seen dry ice in action, so she thought it was pretty cool.

October means a much-anticipated visit from Grandma Kathie. Natalie thought she was VERY entertaining.

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