Monday, December 15, 2008

For the Porters

Our Porter cousins in Utah made this blanket for Natalie and she loves it! She especially likes to suck on the tassles. Big thanks to McKell, McKenna, Maycee, Peyton, Kaylee, Rhet, Abbie, and Tyra. Great job, guys! Hopefully we'll get to see you all in March when we come to Utah, and Nat can give you each a big, slobbery kiss!
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Git Along, Little Froggy

On our way to Fort Worth on Thanksgiving Day, we stopped at a park in the thriving metropolis of Hico, TX. It's a five hour drive to Fort Worth, so it felt good to get out of the car and run around for a while. Ella and I enjoyed the boingy frog, Greg bucked on the bronco, and Natalie was clearly impressed by the swings.

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Toadally Cool

Anybody out there remember the band Toad the Wet Sprocket? They broke up years ago, but the lead singer, Glen Phillips, is still going strong with his solo career--he has several albums. Greg and I went to see him play for a second time last month at this total hole called Jack's Patio Bar. It was just Glen and his guitar. He's pretty amazing, and it is so great to hear old Toad favorites, like "All I Want" and "Crowing" played live. Fter the show he hung out, signing autographs and taking pictures. He borrowed my Sharpie--I felt so special. He's super nice and down-to-earth, and we're glad he's still playing.
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