Sunday, August 31, 2008

Natalie Willden, Superstar!

No autographs, please!

My friend Megan gave Nat these rockin' booties and I had to immediately go out and buy an outfit to go with them. Can an outfit ever have too many bows? (Don't answer that.)

Phyllis and Madelaine gave her this outfit--as you can tell, Natalie is VERY impressed by it. I love the banty hen look it gives her.

Nat is such a delightful, happy baby. We could not love her more.
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First Day of Kinder and a Haircut, Too.

My baby started kindergarten last week! Her school is just down the street, so we walk there every morning. School starts at 7:45am so it's just barely getting light when we leave the house at 7:15am. Good grief. Anyway, on the first day I swaddled Natalie into the Moby wrap and off we went. The kinder hallway was a mob scene. I kissed Ella and she gave me a quick hug and a "'Bye, Mom!" and disappeared inside the room. The doorway was immediately full of parents snapping "action shots" of their tots hanging up their gargantuan backpacks, wandering aimlessly around the room, etc. I shed a tear and made my way out of the school, passing a budding Scorcese, armed with his camcorder, who was setting up the perfect shot of his precious one entering the classroom for the first time.

We took pictures in the front yard and then left the camera at home. This is the outfit Ella picked out for the first day of school. She's all about leopard print and sparkles, of course.

A couple days into school Ella said she wanted a haircut, short "like the girl in Parent Trap". I assumed she meant Lindsey Lohan, not Haley Mills. The five inches of Haley Mills forehead would not be a good look on her (or anyone, including Haley Mills).
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Ella lost her first tooth! She first noticed it was loose the day after we brought Natalie home--it gave her a big announcement of her own, which was nice. Any time she talked to ANYONE thereafter, she first told them about her tooth and then added, "Oh, yeah, and I have a new sister." It was loose for about six weeks, then one morning she bit into an apple just so and it loosened up in a major way. It was out before she went to bed that night. It was a good thing that our tooth fairy who brings books had been alerted and was ready with a new book for the toothless one.

This one is for you, Lora! The tooth was hanging by a thread.

Look at the glee on that face! She could not stop laughing.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Muppets tribute

The GeekDads blog on had a post about a Jim Henson, traveling Smithsonian exhibit. The post included these two videos from Jim Henson's funeral in 1990. They are really sweet and the end on the second part made me tear up a little. I'm not ashamed to say it.

It is a little surreal for anyone who has watched The Muppet Show or Sesame Street because you will recognize the voices but the faces just don't match up. Definitely worth a few minutes.

Here are the URLs to the two videos for the YouTube-impaired