Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ever So Thankful

Natalie is a real help in all things and all places, but she really shines in the kitchen:

She can hear me take out the Kitchenaid mixer from anywhere in the house, and comes running.  She knows that good things come out of that stainless steel bowl.  She likes to help me, which means that sometimes a recipe receives an extra splash of vanilla (or "fanilla", as she calls it), sometimes a little flour gets dumped on the floor...  So far we have avoided any egg disasters, knock on wood.  The best was the day she sneaked a spoonful from the mixer bowl while my back was turned.  When I faced her, she had the empty spoon inches from her mouth and a horrible look on her face.  She had just taken a big ol' mouthful of unsweetened cocoa powder.  In this picture, though, the cocoa was fully incorporated and sweetened:

We had company for Thanksgiving!  Our sister-in-law Veronica and her kids Cata and Nico came for a few days, and we had so much fun.  The cousins loved every minute together.  Ella and Nico have been good buddies ever since they were tiny.

Ah, the traditional pie face picture!  As long as I was making a pecan and a pumpkin for us, I also made one more of each to give to friends.  I bake--it's what I do.

We rarely share Thanksgiving with extended family, so it was a real treat to have Vero and the kids with us.  We ate and ate and ate some more, went to the park, ate, took in a movie, ate and ate.  Good times.
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The Artist Strikes Again

Does anyne know of a reputable preschool fine arts program?  Because seriously, she may be gifted, as the following photos, taken by Natalie, clearly show:

Fingers: Close-Up

 Family on Couch

Self-Portrait: Smiley Face

Feet On Carpet with Sparkle Toes

The Lost Eyelash

Grandma Deflects the Paparazzi
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She's an Artist!

Over the summer Natalie developed an appreciation for photography, ie every time the camera came out she begged and pleaded to take pitures with it.  Here are some of her first efforts.  It you would like a signed copy, suitable for framing, let me know.

Dishwasher With Dirty Plates

Inside of Freezer with Old Bananas

Self Portrait: Feet (With Camera Strap)
(This is one of her favorite subjects.  She changes up the flooring, as well as accessories dangling in the frame.  It really is an exciting collection.)

Self-Portrait: Dazed Expression
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The Rest of July

Sometimes I amaze myself by how efficient I am.  A blog post about July posted only 9 months later???  If only my family photo albums were as up-to-date!  I have about an hour between picking Ella up from choir and then feeding everyone (pancakes, anyone?) before getting Ella to Activity Days at church, and I find myself with nothing to do.  It's a strange feeling.  So I thought I'd give blogging a try.  Ella's doing homework, Natalie is watching "Lady and the Tramp" AGAIN (it is anti-feline propaganda, I tell you), and I'm up here in my leather chair.

In July (remember July?) three of the four grandparents came to visit.  While they were here, we celebrated Natalie's 3rd birthday, complete with the Traditional Willden Birthday Hat:

We also went to Seaworld, where our rock star friend Valerie (far left) first starred in the show "Azul" and then took us on yet another backstage adventure with dolphins and belugas.  Amazing!

The main reason for teh grandparents' visit was Ella's baptism.  It was a beautiful, peaceful, enjoyable day, and Ella was surrounded by those who love her.

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