Monday, March 04, 2013

Back to School 2012

It's now March, and I, of course, am only 6 months behind here on the ol' blog.  Let's try to fix that today, shall we?

It was mid-July when we returned from our cross country trip so we had weeks and weeks of summer stretching out in front of us...  Well, some of us did.  I sprained my foot instead, taking me out of commission for the three weeks before my scheduled surgery on the same foot.  So much for the rest of the summer.  Fortunately for everyone my mom came to take care of everyone while I convalesced post-surgery.

I was still hobbling around in the wretched boot when school started for the girls, and Seminary started for me.  Here's Ella, sun-kissed and ready for the 4th grade:
 Natalie started preschool at Ella's alma mater, University United Methodist Day School:
And Seminary started up again in our front room, every week day from 5:50am to 6:40am:
Here's to a great start!

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