Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did You Pack the Igloo?

The obstreperous camping team of Willden, Wheat, and Thomas decided that winter break would be a fine time for another camping trip, this time to Enchanted Rock, and indeed, it was a fine time.  What we did not count on, however, was the snow.  It really and truly snowed in the Hill Country, and there was snow on the ground as we drove to Fredericksburg.  We stopped for lunch at Rebecca Rather's new Pink Pig, and when we told her we were going tent camping at Enchanted Rock, she looked at us like we were nuts.  She was seriously concerned for our well-being, physical and probably mental, and I was, too.  However, onward and upward.  We arrived at the park and picked out sites right up against the rock, and started a fire before doing just about anything else.

Oh my GOODNESS, it was cold.  That night I slept in three layers of tops and bottoms, wool socks, gloves, a hat, and a hood, wrapped in my sleeping bag with a quilt on top.  And I was still cold!  Luckily, we had our brand-new hats from Nepal to keep our heads nice and toasty.  Matt and Shannon picked them up for us on their world travels, and I loved them so much that I named them: NePaul, NePaula, NePaulette, and NePauline.
I did not venture too far from the campfire, and my trusty Thermos of hot herbal tea was always close by to keep me warm on the inside.  I stayed so close to the fire that I actually melted the leg of my favorite fleece pants.  Whoopsie.
We did eat good on this trip.  We had homemade tamales for dinner and then a Dutch oven peach cobbler for dessert.  I could definitely get into the whole Dutch oven thing.  We roasted marshmallows whenever we wanted to--this was vacation, after all--and Isla had a bit of a problem with hers.
The kids loved to be te trolls under the bridge between the parking lot and our site. They were pretty scary.
We hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock and the wind whipping over the top of the dome was fierce.  I swear I wore a hat AND a hood the entire time we were there.
 We made it to the top!  Wheats, Thomases, and Willdens, and another successful trip.

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Shannon W. said...

I am happy to contribute to your warm clothing supply. At purchasing time I did wonder if you would really ever need/wear such a hat. Love the names.