Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Project

Okay, I know it's August.  I know that I've come around the horn and next Christmas is now closer than LAST Christmas.  I know I am a bit tardy in posting...  everything.  Always.  I can only assume that the two (or so) people who actually follow this blog will forgive me.  You rock.

When I told the lady at JoAnn Fabrics that I was going to use all that felt to make a nativity advent calendar, she marveled that I was starting it so soon.  Hah!  How long did she think it was going to take for me to crank it out?  Because I was sweating to get it done by December, let me tell you.  Once the fun stuff (the cute figures) was done, I was much less motivated to do the not-as-fun stuff (the numbers and the background).  But I did made my deadline.  Oh, and did I mention that I made not one, but two of these calendars?  Because I have two kids, you see, and it was now or never.

I found a pattern online:
I added to it, and here is the final product:
I also made these ornaments, which I am in love with:
Merry Christmas!  (Late or early, take your pick.)

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